How to Make Money With Catalytic Converter Recycling

Catalytic converters are among the most valuable car parts. The average scrap value ranges from $300 to $1,500. Since they are made of precious metals, they can fetch a high price. This is why most car owners decide to sell them before they dispose of them through junk removal companies. This practice is common and can be a great way to make some extra cash. There are several options for selling your catalytic converter.

Before you start selling your converter for scrap, you need to clean it thoroughly and find out the serial number. You also need to ensure that all exhaust pipes are attached to the catalytic converter. If you try to remove other parts, you are not only reducing its value, but it is also dangerous.

Catalytic converters are often targeted by criminals, as they can be worth hundreds of dollars on the black market. The best way to make sure your catalytic converter gets a fair price and is recycled properly is to sell it to a recycler. Scrap metal traders and car scrap yards will buy your converter for scrap and then recycle it. For more info, go to website.

The serial number of your catalytic converter is useful for getting a price quote. The serial number stamp can be found near the O2 sensor hole. Use a little oil to clean the etching on it so you can see the number and the housing. This will help you get a higher price for your converter.

There are many ways to sell your used catalytic converters. One option is to use online marketplaces or look for used auto parts. You may be able to get a better price for used converters than aftermarket ones. Another option is to contact a scrapyard and ask for an offer. Click here to discover more details about catalytic converter.

You can also get some cash by stealing a catalytic converter. Depending on the value of the converter, it can be worth around $60 or $300. Some thieves even remove the copper wiring, which sells for pennies on the dollar. Then, they sell the converters for as much as $300. You can also make money by selling your converter in a parking lot, but you should always ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate company.

When you’re looking for an auto part, the serial number is probably the best way to find out how much money your catalytic converter is worth. The serial number is found on the edge of the catalytic converter. Some serial numbers are three or four digits, while others have 10-12 digits. You can research your converter’s scrap value by looking up the serial number online.

A good catalytic converter recycler will be able to recover 100% of the metals. A catalytic converter’s scrap core is first hydraulically conveyed to a shear mill where it is pulverized. A heavy magnet separates the non-ferrous metals from the ferrous metals. The metals are then shipped to steel mills to be repurposed into new steel products. The remaining ceramic block is sucked by an air separator. It is then transported to a holding bin in a large container.

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